Code of Conduct

Everything we do in Pandora must be measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct. The Code sets out our ethical commitment, standards of behaviour and conduct to which the entire Pandora organization must adhere to.

Pandora’s Code of Conduct provides our staff, including the management board, with common directions on what are considered acceptable business practices throughout the Group. Topics include zero tolerance towards fraud, bribery and facilitation payments, rules for fair competition, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest, cash payments and measures to prevent Pandora from becoming the target of people engaged in money laundering and other illegal activities.

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Our commitment
Pandora’s commitment to ethical business practices means that we conduct business lawfully, appropriately and with honesty and integrity by adhering to applicable laws and regulations, exercising sound judgment and taking actions to minimize our environmental impact on the planet.

Pandora has extensive training programmes spanning from face-to-face training and webinar to e-learning modules designed to guide employees through Pandora’s core principles. This includes covering a broad range of topics from financial crime, bribery, privacy and personal data to our whistleblower policy and the importance of fair competition. As Pandora has operations globally, both the Code and the training programme are available to all employees in multiple languages to ensure that the Code is underpinning our actions across every aspect of the business.

The Code has been approved by the Board of Directors and is fully endorsed by the Executive Leadership Team.