Whistleblower process

It is of utmost importance for Pandora to live up to our standards and address any breaches swiftly.

While we strive to identify all potential problems that needs to be addressed, the help of employees and partners is much valued. All reports of possible misconduct are taken seriously and the matter investigated confidentially. Any retaliation against people who in good faith raises an issue is a violation of Pandora Code of Conduct.

If you believe that laws, codes or policies are being violated employees and partners are expected to raise your concerns with their immediate reference at Pandora. If a concern is not properly addressed, you can approach local/Group HR, Legal, Sustainability or Internal Audit.

As a last resort you are encouraged to use the whistleblower hotline.

The information you provide will be handled on confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose. Reports sourced through the hotline can be carried out by phone or web in 30 different local languages.

Please find our policy for more details - in case of questions, please contact Group Internal Audit on: Whistleblower@Pandora.net.

See our Whistleblower policy here.